Criminal Assets Database

Database of prosecutorial and court documents for the seizure, confiscation or release of illicit assets in Albania.

Last update on 21.09.2022 17:22

User Manual

How to Use This Database?

The Criminal Assets Database contains data from more than 435 criminal cases, from 22 court districts and 34 judicial institutions in Albania, dating from 2010 to 2022.

1. Directly Selecting a Document

One can directly select a Document from clicking on the tables of Last Documents on the Home Page. The Last Documents section of the Home Page is divided in two categories – Latest Documents and Last Court Verdicts.

Latest Documents and Last Court Verdicts

Documents can be selected directly also through the Top Content section of the Home Page. The Top Content section is divided in three tables: Top Documents, Top Institutions and Top Court Districts.

Top Documents, Top Institutions and Top Court Districts

2. Document Page

When a document is selected the database will redirect the reader on the document page. In the document page is listed the document category, court district, institution, date, plaintiff institution, defendant, type of request and court verdict. The PDF scan of the document can be accessed through the download button. The document page also lists also the types and quantities of sequestered/confiscated assets.

Sequestered/confiscated assets

3. Search Menu

The central menu is located right beneath the header of the website. This menu allows you to filter information from the database by the four key criteria which allows cataloguing the data according to:

Central menu
  1. Documents
    • Category
    • Type
    • Requests
    • Court Verdict
  2. Year
  3. Court Districts
  4. Institutions